team : who we are

Nora is all about good products of good companies and thinks people should know about what is out there that can make their life better without destroying our planet.


While studying politics, communications and economics living in Berlin, she had jobs in journalism and marketing. Although, there is a list of "odd jobs" in her past (no, you will not get it), most of her professional life has been spent on making people understand, love and buy products or ideas.


Moving to London initially for an office job, she soon decided to become a freelancer again and soon set up Communication strategies and media for organizations like ExtraEnergy, EnergyBus and LEV Conference. Here, her interest in two-wheeled e-mobility as the transport for the future developed and is now her speciality.


At word:ing she is responsible for all things communication but likes getting her head around product development offering the consumer perspective whenever she thinks it is needed. If you want to know which product speaks to whom and how she is the one to look out for.